We are going to be taking part in a week-long challenge from Tearfund. And it’s all about bringing the church together to tackle the climate crisis.

Across the world, millions of families have lifted themselves out of poverty. But today, because of climate change, they are being pushed back. That is not God’s plan for creation.  What is God’s plan? It’s us – the church. Throughout the week of the challenge, we’ll be finding out more about what we can all do to make a difference, through reflections, prayers and activities that we can all take part in.

During the week ahead we will be uploading a message with a short video on this page to inspire us with stories about how communities around the world are tackling the climate emergency together. 

After watching the video, there will be prompts to reflect, pray and do. You can do these as an individual, with your family, or with your life group.

Each day will focus on a different theme: travel, water, energy, food, waste, and prayer; and will include a climate-related action you can take. Two options are available: one easier and one more challenging! They may need some forward thinking, so we suggest you take a look in advance.

By reflecting, we’ll be changing our hearts and minds. By praying, we’ll be joining together with the will of God. And by taking action, we’ll be changing our daily habits to be more sustainable.

Day one: adapt your travel habits

Find out how small changes to your transport choices can have a big impact on the whole world.


Day two: use less water

See how drought is impacting communities in Ethiopia, and get a new perspective on your own water use.


Day three: cut down your electricity use

Experience what it is like to live without electricity, and find out how renewable energy could change the world.


Day four: change your diet

Reflect on the impact of your eating habits, and see how ‘farming God’s way’ is making a difference.


Day five: stop the waste

See how waste is harming people living in poverty and try to limit what you throw away and your plastic waste.


Day six: Pray and reflect

Today, we’ll look back on the week of challenges and spend some time reflecting and praying.