We see Biblical precedents of this in the relationships between Moses and Joshua, Paul and Timothy, and of course Jesus and his disciples. Being mentored is about having someone come alongside you as you learn to respond to what God is saying to you, and as you bring your life under God’s authority.

It’s a part of your discipleship, and goes hand in hand with being part of a Life Group, and serving in a ministry at church

It’s a place for people who want to grow in their faith, to be encouraged and challenged to explore and be accountable

It’s learning to follow his teaching and the leading of the Holy Spirit

It’s centred on Jesus

Your mentor will:

  • Encourage you to live a Jesus-centred life and mature in your faith.
  • Help you to identify your gifts and strengths.
  • Help you to address your weaknesses.
  • Encourage you to reflect upon your life.

Your mentor will not:

  • Make decisions for you.
  • Replace the pastoral support you receive in your Life Group.