New Songs at St Paul’s Ealing

We take seriously the passages in Scriptures that speak about singing ‘new songs’ – songs that keep fresh our expression of worship to God, both as a local community and part of the national and international church. That is why we write our own songs, as well as sing songs that thousands of churches sing around the world. Here is a playlist of new songs we are currently singing, or songs that we intend to start using soon. Do have a listen.

God of All Things

Our latest track ‘God of All Things’ is available to download and stream from Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

This song, along with ‘Just One Word’ was written out of a place where we see God move in our hurting, suffering and pain, yet also in our joy, abundance and wholeness. As we experience issues of sickness, disease and even the loss of someone close to us, we can know that God is present and here through it all. We wanted to write a song that is purely vertical to say God, you are sovereign, you are in control and have our lives in your hands.


The songs in this collection really reflect the story of our community as we have spent time really pursuing deeper as a family the Holy Presence of God and, in doing so, growing in confidence in our faith.

The Hebrew for presence (found on the cover art of the album), means face to ‘face’ with God – found in Exodus 33:11. As Moses meets with God, the passage describes this meeting as one  who spends time with a friend. This depth of intimacy with God, we hope is reflected in this story of music.

You can download the lyric book here – reflect on the words and soak in the music in your own personal worship and time with God.

Download the chord sheets to use in personal worship, small groups and in your corporate church settings.

We really hope you’ll allow these songs to become part of the rhythm of your worship; spending time with them in your quiet space with God, but also journeying in your cars, on your phones or in your homes – as you realise more and more the deep joy of knowing that God is present with you, and you with God.

Team Leaders

John Murphy

Worship Director

John heads up the worship ministry at St Paul's Ealing. He is also a songwriter with New Wine Kids.

David Cervera

Creative & Worship

David leads the worship team with John as well as other creative projects in the church. David also leads New Wine Worship Hubs and the Worship Leaders Network for London & West.