Ealing Community School of English – ECSE

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ECSE offers English language lessons to adults who want to learn or improve their English (or is it “there”, or “they’re”?). Our students come from varied backgrounds, including refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. We typically have 8 levels, from basic beginners, many who have no English language knowledge, up to advanced levels.

Lessons take place on a Monday and Wednesday evening, between 6.45 PM and 8.45 PM at Elthorne Park High School in Hanwell. We loosely follow the

We look for volunteers who can commit to one evening a week, ideally for an academic year. Extensive training will be given.

Our students really appreciate our teachers and school. Every week they come to us with stories of how their life has been enriched by improving their English, from being able to ask for something in a shop, communicating to their child’s teacher at report evening, or getting a new job.