What is the prison ministry?

We work with the Anglican Chaplain at Wormwood Scrubs Prison to provide support and encouragement for men who are in prison there

What does it do?

We are involved in a variety of activities including:

– Running the Sycamore Tree Victim Awareness Course three times a year.  It is a christian based, but not faith promoting, course.

– Leading Sunday services in the prison six times a year

– Helping to run weekly bible studies in the prison

– Praying for the staff and men in the prison at a monthly prayer meeting

– Running Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree scheme to enable men in the prison to have a christmas present sent to their children on their behalf

When & where does it happen?

Courses and bible studies take place in the prison chapel on weekday daytimes.  Sunday services are held in the prison chapel on Sunday mornings.  Prayer meetings are held outside the prison on a Monday evening once a month.  Most of the work for the Angel Tree present scheme takes place outside the prison at a time of the volunteer’s choosing.

How can people get involved/help out with it?

To be involved with any activity inside the prison, a volunteer needs to obtain security clearance.  But it is possible for anyone to be involved with Angel Tree and praying for the prison.

The best thing about being involved with the ministry?

Reaching out to people, who often feel alienated and marginalised, with the love of God.  Seeing men realise the impact of crime on victims when they do the victim awareness course.

What expectations are there on those who serve?

Anyone wanting to work inside the prison has to submit to a full security vetting process.  Once cleared it is essential that prison rules are adhered to when visiting..  When inside, the most important thing is to express the love of God in what we say and how we act.

Contact the Prison Ministry 

Email Alan Browne / Prisons Pastor