What is Street Pastors?

Street Pastors is a cross denominational ministry which goes out late on a Friday night to look out for people and offer a friendly smile, a listening ear, practical help and, if appropriate, prayer to those we meet.

What do Street Pastors do?

We exist to serve and care for people who are out late at night on the street. Whoever they are, we believe that they have been made by God in His image and are loved by Him. We value them as they are and hope to be able to share something of God’s love with them as best we can.

We work in conjunction with, but not for, the police and the council and aim to bring some of Jesus’ light and love to the streets as we patrol.  We do not try and convert but will of course talk to people about our faith if asked.  We give out lollipops (a great ice breaker) offer water if people need it, very occasionally we might buy some food for someone, we carry bus passes for people and a first aid kit and we pick up discarded glasses and glass bottles – lots of them – to prevent them from being used as weapons.

When does this happen?

Friday nights!

How can people get involved?

People can become a Street Pastor or a Prayer Pastor.  The Ealing team needs both at the moment.  Street Pastors are those who go out on patrol, in a group of 3 or 4.  Prayer Pastors remain at the base for that night and support the patrol team in prayer (and with cups of tea when the patrol has a mid-way break!)  Being a Street Pastor requires comprehensive training.

The best thing about being involved with Street Pastors?

Doing something in and for the community that really makes a difference to individuals and the community.  Ealing police say that when Street Pastors started in 2009 there was an immediate 40% drop in antisocial behaviour on the nights we were out. 

What is the expectation on team?

Once the training is done, volunteers are only asked to serve one night a month. 

Contact Us

Get in touch with David Read, the contact person for Street Pastors at St Paul’s