What is TLG?

TLG is a Christian charity that works with local churches to help bring hope and a future for struggling children.  From school exclusion, to poverty and holiday hunger, there are children across the UK facing some of the toughest starts in life.  TLG believe change is possible and they have an unchanging resolve to transform lives for good.  They provide support to children and young people and their families in three main ways: education centres, provision of lunches in school holidays, and early intervention.

How is St Paul’s involved?

The main way that St Paul’s is involved is in providing coaches for children in a local primary school, where volunteers offer an hour a week to support one child for a whole year. Training is provided by TLG as are all the materials necessary in order to facilitate the coaching sessions.

Becoming a coach

The experience of those who are involved in this ministry is that it is hugely rewarding and a lot of fun too!
If you’re interested in becoming a coach or finding out more, please contact Gill Hicks at gill@gillhicks.co.uk and she will be in touch with you.