At St Paul’s Ealing, our desire is to see every individual grow to reach their full God-given potential. In many cases, we carry wounds, burdens and inherited beliefs that can sometimes prevent this from happening. The Wholeness Centre aims to provide people with an opportunity to address anything that is getting in the way of their personal or spiritual growth. The following is an outline of the three different options which may be of help to those needing support.

Healing Prayer on Zoom

Join us here on third Monday evenings at 8pm for healing prayer ministry on Zoom.

Healing Prayer Zoom Call

St Paul’s Wholeness Centre Coronovirus Update

Owing to the current uncertainty and because social distancing plays such an important part in slowing the spread of the virus, we want to keep people safe.  We feel that the most responsible response is to close all face to face therapy and counselling until restrictions ease, which we hope will be in the not too distant future.

However, we are moving to a telephone counselling and therapy service for those who are currently in the service.

If you are interested in exploring whether this way of working by phone might suit you, then an initial appointment would help you decide.   We invite you, therefore, according to our referral process, to send an email to the Wholeness Centre Administrator, Jacqui Hawkins (  You will then receive an application form to complete and, and once we have reviewed your referral and deemed it suitable for our service, we will add you to the waiting list for an initial appointment.

If you find you are not happy to go ahead with working by phone, but are in need of support for your anxiety or depression which we understand may become an increasing problem in the current climate, you might find some online self-help resources useful such as

There are also many other resources on the web if you search on this subject.  The effects of the corona crisis on mental health are being highlighted everyday in the media so please do try and share how you are feeling with your friends and family.

Our counsellors are all fully qualified and either accredited or working towards accreditation, and comply with all regulations stipulated by their professional counselling body. Booking is necessary for this service, so please contact the Centre Administrator.

Counselling & Therapy

Following an initial appointment with one of our counsellors, we offer up to 6 sessions of confidential and professional counselling or therapy for a range of personal difficulties and challenges.  We accept applications for children, young people and adults and can see people individually, as couples or as families.  Our counsellors, all of whom have a Christian faith, welcome clients from all different cultures, faiths and backgrounds. Bookings are normally made by the person requesting counselling or therapy.

We consider it important that clients value the time that our trained counsellors are freely offering and there is therefore a minimum charge of £15-30 per session, with a reduced fee of £10 for students and those on minimal incomes. In extreme cases of hardship, please speak to the centre administrator.

Our counsellors are all fully qualified and either accredited or working towards accreditation, and comply with all regulations stipulated by their professional counselling body. Booking is necessary for this service, so please contact the Centre Administrator.

Healing Prayer

A place to come for prayer for healing in the context of worship. You might be asking for healing of body, mind or spirit and you may want to receive a longer time of prayer ministry than is possible in a church service. Healing prayer will take place from 8-9pm and is available to anyone. There will be an hour of worship, ministry in the power of the Spirit and creative prayer.

Below are some examples of reasons people come for prayer.

• for physical healing, emotional healing or spiritual healing

• for breakthrough in a particular situation, e.g. relationship breakdown, job situation, financial provision, area of addiction or habitual struggle etc.

There is no charge for healing prayer.

Deeper Prayer

Contact us now to book your deeper prayer session

This is an opportunity to come and spend a longer period of time seeking God for freedom and wholeness in areas of life where you are looking for breakthrough, or simply desire a closer walk with God. A team of two are there to facilitate and enable you to make a stronger connection with God. This is not a counselling session.

This is a safe and confidential space where you can explore difficult issues as led by the Holy Spirit. It is your prayer time and you do not have to go into any area of your life or tell us anything that you are not comfortable with. The session usually takes 1.5 hours. At the end, we will offer you materials to take away to help you sustain your new freedom. There is no charge for deeper prayer.

Spiritual Direction

Contact us now to book your spiritual direction

This is meeting with a companion who will come alongside you on your spiritual journey. The companion will listen, explore and reflect with you on the presence of God in your life even if it seems nothing may be happening, Spiritual Direction is suitable for those who…

• are in a season of transition, uncertainty or discernment

• are seeking a safe place to explore their spirituality

• want to explore their experience of God in their daily life

• desire growth in their spiritual or personal journey.

Sessions usually last one hour and take place every 4-6 weeks. The number of sessions is not limited. Our spiritual director has completed a 3 year training with the London Centre for Spiritual Direction. Donations to the Wholeness centre are invited.

Book Today

If you are interested in booking a session contact Jacqui Hawkins our Wholeness Centre Adminstrator, or call the office 020 8579 9444.